Shiny Things ltd.
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About Us


Shiny Things Limited is a brand that hopes to encourage its customers to shine in dark places. Our owner started Shiny Things Ltd. while she was in a dark place. Once she began to live in the light she created things to reflect The Son. This life changing experience led Chynne to write a book of her testimony and show her new life through various avenues. Every painting, pair of earrings, and piece of art is a representation of coming out of the darkness and living as a child of light. All Shiny Things Ltd. product is an example of a woman taking back her confidence, love of art, love for life, unshakable joy and most importantly, her love for God.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy!



All Shiny Things Ltd. product is couture and handmade with quality glass, semi-precious stones & crystals. Enjoy!!!

Signature: Inspired by the owner & her core

The Isle: Whimsical Wedding Design

Seasonal Collection: Summertime Fine

Solid Ground: Stones & Crystals

Trunks Up

Designer’s Choice: Larger Daily Designs

Date Night: Mid-size Daily Designs

Daily Slay: Smaller Designs

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