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The Center is a newly forming non-profit institution commenced by the owner/creator of Shiny Things Ltd.

 The Center will be a safe haven for impoverished youth to express themselves because they don’t get a chance to do so or even cope with everyday communal norms. Art, music, and even sports have been removed from various schools on the lower economic side of Dayton. And far too often our children are told they will be just like so and so, or if they don’t attend college they aren’t  going to get anywhere in life. Sometimes, a child doesn’t want to be a lawyer or a doctor, but there are God given gifts already in that them that have absolutely nothing to do with what society says they should become.

The Center is founded on biblical principles, and will be a place for the youth to have an opportunity to find their purpose, walk in God’s purpose, learn and express themselves, and cope with ordinary situations that may or may not be the best exposure for their livelihood.

The Center will have art classes, a gymnasium, a music room, temporary living quarters, a counselor, food, enrichment, and much more to help the youth grow into their destiny.

Shine on the inside. Walk in your purpose. Express yaself.